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By hiring from Mine For The Night (MFTN), you are accepting and consenting to the practices in these terms of use. Mine For The Night reserves the right to change these Terms from time to time at its sole discretion.


Mine For The Night will not enter into discussion in regards to our refund policy. This policy is in line with Australian consumer law. MFTN will not offer a refund if a garment does not fit. MFTN will not offer a refund if you are no longer attending your event. MFTN will not offer a refund if you change your mind. MFTN will not offer a refund if your event is cancelled. MFTN will not offer a refund if weather conditions affect you attending your event. The only circumstances MFTN will offer a full refund is if we can not provide you with your hire, this will be determined by us.


The client may cancel their booking and be eligible for a store credit if they give us two weeks notice prior to their booking date. Credits will be issued for a 12 month period from the date of cancellation. A $30 cancellation fee will apply to all cancellations. The credit will expire (if not used) at the end of the 12 month period. Credits are non-transferrable and can only be used by the client that placed the original hire booking. Once a hire is placed using a credit, it is final and cannot be swapped, amended or cancelled for another credit note. If the hire fee of the newly chosen garment is less than the previous then the client forfeits the difference in hire fee. If the hire fee is more on the newly chosen garment then the difference is payable by the client. MFTN will not issue a credit if the client does not notify MFTN at least 2 weeks prior to their hire and advise that they would like to cancel their hire. If the client does not have the option of giving 2 weeks notice because they only made the booking 2 weeks prior to hire date e.g. then only 7 days notice is required to cancel their booking to receive a credit. No credits will be offered once an item is either posted or collected for an event.


The client may change their mind to a new dress only once. Should they wish to change their hired garment for a second time, they will be unable to and may cancel their booking but be given no store credit and no refund. We suggest you do not book your dress to far in advance as the sizing may not be the same. The client is welcome to change the size of their dress if the new size is available on the required date.


The hire fee for a garment remains strictly non refundable in the event that the client needs to self-quarantine or the event is cancelled due to Covid. Mine For The Night will not enter into discussion in regards to our refund policy. MFTN will issue the client with a store credit which will be valid for 12 months from the day that is communicated to MFTN that the event is cancelled or postponed. It is the responsibility of the client to communicate to MFTN when their event is cancelled due to Covid. If the date passes and the client does not cancel their booking with MFTN, they will not be eligible for a store credit. If an event is postponed to a new date, the client is responsible for communicating this to MFTN as soon as possible. MFTN will move the hire to the new date. If a client’s dress is already booked by another client on the new postponed date, the client will be eligible for a 6 month store credit that will be issued from the date of the new event.


MFTN reserves the right to hire any garment to any client. We do take note of which formal you are attending and will let you know if someone is wearing the same/similar dress to you. However, MFTN cannot control whether clients book similar/the same dresses online for the same event. Clients will not be entitled to a refund if a similar dress has been hired to another client attending the same formal. 


Appointments with MFTN cost $10 and are for 45 minutes. The $10 fee is non-refundable. The $10 fee can be redeemed on any purchase made in store on the day of your appointment. Our appointments are highly sought after and unfortunately no shows and late cancellations are costly to our small business. We have limited change rooms meaning we ask during an appointment only 1 person can try on during this session. We offer 3 appointments per every 45 minutes. If you and your friends would like to try on together you may all book for the same time slot :) 


BRISBANE HIRES – The hire period for Brisbane hires is 3 days (from day of pick up to day of return). Should the client need to pick up the dress earlier it is their responsibility to arrange this with MFTN. If notice is not given, it will be assumed that pick up is the day before the client’s event. MFTN shall be entitled to charge additional Hire Fees if the garment is not returned on the agreed date. If the garment is not returned in the given garment bag or the garment bag is damaged you will be subject to a $10 replacement charge.

AUS WIDE HIRES – The date of postage to the client will vary depending on the client’s location in Australia. The price of postage will vary depending on the client's location in Australia. Garments are due to be posted back to MFTN the day after their event, if this is a weekend and the post office is shut you can use a YELLOW EXPRESS POST BIN. MFTN shall be entitled to charge additional Hire Fees if the client has not given proof and communicated that they have posted their garment back to MFTN after their event. If the hired garment gets returned not using the prepaid return satchel addition fees may be applied. If the hired garment gets lost during the return process the client will be to additional fees or dress replacement costs. MFTN is not liable for any issues/damages caused by Australian Post. 


MFTN takes care of the cleaning of garments between hires. This is included in the hire fee. The client agrees that they will not attempt to clean, press, alter, temporarily hem or repair the dress. If they do so and this results in damages the client will be subject to extra charges determined by us. 


If the garment gets lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, the client will be liable to pay for the replacement of the item. Damage beyond repair will be determined by our sole discretion. This can include but not limited to; clutch damage, pilling and pulls. Replacement of an item will be RRP. If we assess that the returned item will need extensive professional cleaning the client will need to pay for these additional costs if not already included in the hire price. If the client has made minor damage to the garment, the alterations bill will be sent to the client.


The client acknowledges that the garments in which they are hiring may not be in their original condition and are therefore subject to general wear and tear. The nature of wear and tear will be determined by MFTN in our sole discretion. We do not offer refunds for wear and tear. 


MFTN will not tolerate any sort of abuse. MFTN has the right to not go into discussion with abusive clients. MFTN has the right to ban abusive clients. By hiring with MFTN we appreciate general respect and friendly communication, we are always here to resolve any issues. We will stand up for ourselves if disrespected.